Lady with daughterEmpower All aims to empower others to instigate positive social, economic, civil, political and cultural change.  It supports individuals and organisations to overcome barriers that impede change for the greater good.  These barriers might exist at local, national and international levels.

Empower All seeks solutions that enhance the lives of individuals and improve the work of organisations, especially with regard to human rights issues.

Empower All adopts a partnership and person-centred approach to all its work.  Therefore, in order to find solutions, it actively seeks to respectively include the participation of all stakeholders to whom the situation affects so that the voice of everyone is heard and taken into account.  In particular, it seeks to ensure that those affected most are at the very centre of the process at all times.

By investing in and empowering individuals and organisations to instigate change for themselves, Empower All believes that they will also have the capacity and skills to act as potential positive change agents for others in the future, thus widening and multiplying long-term gain.

Empower All celebrates diversity.


Empower All

 Empowering others to instigate change